Republic Hydrometeorological Service, Serbia

The Republic Hydrometeorological Service (RHMS) is an organisation within the state administration of Serbia that carries out monitoring, research, weather analysis and forecasting. Its monitoring activities cover climate and water, air and water pollution, and air and precipitation radioactivity, including the monitoring of transboundary air and water pollution. It also provides meteorological and hydrological support to air, land and river traffic and issues early warnings and alarms in the event of atmospheric and hydrological disasters and catastrophes as a public service with an important role in the protection of human lives and the mitigation of material damage. The RHMS also has international obligations in the field of meteorology and hydrology and carries out other activities defined by the law.

The RHMS hosts the newly established sub-regional South East European Virtual Climate Change

Centre (SEEVCCC), which aims to support SEE countries by providing continuous information on sub-regional climate change projections, impacts, vulnerability and adaptation options through its operational, research, coordination and educational functions. The SEEVCCC developed the South East Europe Climate Change Framework Action Plan for Adaptation (SEE/CCFAP-A) for 2009-2015

Ariel Milošević
Tel.: (381-60) 3565-412
Address: Kneza Viseslava 66, Belgrade, 11030 Serbia