Regional Council of Shkodra, Albania

Data from recent decades indicate a deviation from historical meteorological measurements. In concrete terms, historic average rainfall levels and the temporal and spatial distribution of rainfall, as well as average maximum and minimum temperature have changed. The wetland area of Shkodra, with its complex knot of rivers and its location in the vicinity of the sea and Lake Shkodra, provides enormous biodiversity value at national and global level. The area has been identified as vulnerable to climate variations, which are likely to be accompanied by severe ecological and socioeconomic consequences (such as the floods during 2010 and 2011). Flooding, erosion, the inflow of sea water and the increased salinity of freshwater all influence species life cycles and lead to the risk of habitat fragmentation and loss.

The predicted impacts of climate change are likely to affect communities, ecosystems, the built environment and the natural environment. In the 2010 floods, around 11,400 hectares of agricultural land were inundated and 5,174 people were evacuated.

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