Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine

Odessa State Environmental University (OSENU) is affiliated to the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Its main area of competence is scientific research in the fields of hydrometeorology, ecology and environmental control, and sustainable environmental management. Several research laboratories investigating a wide range of atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic and ecological processes are affiliated with the OSENU, including the Centre for Ecological Knowledge Dissemination. The OSENU also has an integrated electronic data archive of hydrometeorological information. Scientists from the OSENU have written numerous research papers on the topics of hydrometeorology, ecology, environmental control, and sustainable environmental management. Many projects are implemented in these fields by the OSENU with financing from national or regional funds or with the university’s own funding.

Nikolai Berlinsky, Department of Applied Ecology
Tel.: (380-48) 731-70-28
Email: nberlinsky@ukr.net
Address: Lvivska St. 15, Odessa, 65016 Ukraine
Web: www.odeku.edu.ua