Climate Gateway – Issue 6

Issue 6, the final project newsletter, features an editorial contributed by Antonio Navarra of CMCC, in which he describes how the project has fully met, and even surpassed, the partners’ original expectations. The newsletter also summarises the results of the six pilot studies carried out under OrientGate’s three thematic centres and reports on seminars and workshops organised to disseminate and share project outputs. A separate article describes how, in Romania, the pilot study carried out in the agricultural sector has already contributed to the development of the low-carbon green growth programme, aimed at achieving national and EU requirements in the field of climate change. Along with reviews of two key project outputs the Guidelines on Integrating Climate Change Knowledge into Planning and the OrientGate Data Platform, a summary of the final project conference outlines how partners are keen to continue working together and building on the results achieved in order to tackle remaining challenges.

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Climate Gateway – Issue 5

The editorial in Issue 5, contributed by Roberto Barbiero of the Autonomous Province of Trento, traces the progress made in recent years in the province’s climate-related policy. The project pilot study carried out in the province will help to develop guidelines on water resources management, with a focus on the hydroelectric power sector, and the results will help to define planning priorities and tackle conflicts between water users. Further articles in this issue explore cooperation on climate change challenges in SEE and the results of the SEE Thematic Capitalisation Strategy; and the Mayors Adapt Initiative, launched in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. In addition, the newsletter contains a round-up of project meetings, workshops and stakeholder events in Greece, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Romania and Hungary.

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Climate Gateway – Issue 4

In issue 4 of the newsletter, the editorial describes how the EU is responding to the adaptation challenge in the 2014-2020 programming period, pointing out that, in the light of the recent devastating floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the need to build regional resilience to climate change impacts is becoming increasingly urgent. In a report from a project meeting held in Trento, Italy, progress made in the context of the project's six pilot studies is summarised by Giulia Galluccio of lead partner CMCC. Activities undertaken in the framework of OrientGate Thematic Centre 2 on Drought, Water and Coasts are highlighted in a separate article. The newsletter also contains an outline of the EU's climate adaptation platforms and initiatives, as well as a look ahead to the final project output, a handbook that will sum up the results, lessons learned and conclusions of the OrientGate partnership.

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Climate Gateway – Issue 3

Issue 3 features an editorial by Ariel Milosevic of the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, which is leading the project’s work package on mapping and harmonising data and downscaling. The issue contains articles on the work of the project’s Thematic Centre on Urban Adaptation and Health; and reports from a regional workshop in Austria organised by the leader of the Thematic Centre on Forestry and Agriculture, and a workshop held in Brussels during the EC Open Days 2013. The newsletter also introduces the data platform being created by lead partner CMCC; and two reports that will contribute to the project’s regional planning cross-sectoral study.

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Climate Gateway – Issue 2

In Issue 2, the editorial by Elisabeth Gerhardt of the Austrian Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape discusses the impacts of climate change and forest management practices on the quality and quantity of drinking water resources, and the effects of extreme climate events on the agricultural sector. Alongside articles on the launch of the EU Adaptation Strategy and on the Climate-ADAPT information platform, the newsletter also contains a round-up of project activities and meetings.

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Climate Gateway – Issue 1

Issue 1 contains an editorial by Antonio Navarra, president of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change, the lead project partner. It also features an introduction to the project's aims and ambitions, as well as a report from the United Nations climate conference in Doha.

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