Municipality of Veszprém, Hungary

The city of Veszprém is located about 20 km north of Lake Balaton. As one of the oldest urban areas in Hungary, it attracts many visitors throughout the year. It is located in a hilly area, and with its narrow streets it is prone to traffic congestion resulting in high levels of pollution. Due to the density of construction in the city centre, problems related to heat waves, water shortages and public health risks may increase in the future. Adaptation to the impacts of climate change will therefore be a pressing need in the coming years.

The municipality of Veszprém participated in the INTENSE project (Intelligent Energy Saving Measures for Municipal Housing in Central and Eastern European Countries), which focused on enhancing the implementation and enforcement of energy-related EU legislation in new member states, with a special emphasis on municipal/local implementation. During the project, Veszprém finalised its local energy strategy.

Tamás Józsa, Chief of Cabinet
Tel.: (36-88) 549224
Address: Ováros tér 9, 8200 Veszprém, Hungary