Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro is responsible for designing polices and regulative framework in the area of climate change. The Ministry acts as Focal point for UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol and coordinates their implementation on national level and liaise with other Ministries, government bodies, local governments and NGOs which activities are relevant for the subject of climate change.

Within the OrientGate project, the ministry works closely with the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, which provides the data and information necessary for climate change risk assessment and the development of adaptation strategies. The institute also produces baseline data for the assessment of hydropower resources and the energy potential of solar and wind power, with the aim of moving towards the more intensive use of renewable energy sources. The institute’s activities include a programme to improve the meteorological, hydrological and hydrographic information system, as well as climate research and research on the possible impacts of climate change on various sectors of the economy, natural resources and human health.

Jelena Kneževič, Advisor to the Minister
Tel.: (382-220) 446225
Address: IV Proleterske brigade 19, Podgorica, 81000 Montenegro