Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) was established to address public needs in the areas of regional and infrastructure development in Bulgaria. The tasks of the Directorate General for the Strategic Planning of Regional Development and Administrative Territorial Organisation (DG SPRDATO) are to:

  • elaborate standards and schemes for regional and local development according to national and EU priorities;
  • monitor the harmonisation of national legislation for regional development with EU legislation;
  • organise the development, updating, monitoring and assessment of the National Regional Development Strategy and regional development plans; and
  • provide technical assistance for the implementation, monitoring and assessment of strategies, plans and schemes for regional development.

DG SPRDATO is responsible for carrying out regular updates and strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the six regional development plans.

Irina Zaharieva-Shopova, Director General
Tel.: (359-2) 9405-506/575
Address: St. Kiril and Metodii Str. 17-19, Sofia, 1202 Bulgaria