Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMI) of Bosnia and Herzegovina carries out monitoring, research, analysis and forecasting activities related to weather, climate and water; activities providing meteorological and hydrological support to air, land and river traffic; tasks related to early warning and alarms in the event of atmospheric and hydrological disasters and catastrophes; as well as other activities related to its public service role for the protection of human life, the mitigation of material damage, and support to economic development. The FHMI also fulfils international obligations in the field of meteorology and hydrology and implements other activities defined by the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization. The FHMI was founded in 1892 with 36 meteorological stations. The FHMI participates in several regional projects (including the South East European Virtual Climate Change Centre and the South East European Climate Outlook Forum).

Muhamed Muminovič, Advisor to the Director for International Affairs
Tel.: (387-33) 276700
Email: meteobih@bih.net.ba
Address: Bardakcije 12, Sarajevo, 71000 Bosnia and Herzegovina