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Platforms and initiatives

European Environment Agency’s European Topic Centre on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (ETC-CCA): contributes to the harmonisation, quality and exchange of data and information

European Environment Agency’s European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters (ETC-ICM): focuses on data handling, indicator development and thematic assessments

European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT): includes adaptation case studies as well as tools and methodologies supporting adaptation planning

Climate Action Network Europe: a coalition working on climate and energy issues with over 120 member organisations in more than 25 European countries

European Climate Platform: facilitates policy/research interaction on climate change by bringing together selected policy makers, negotiators and experts

Climate Alliance: a network of cities and municipalities committed to protecting the global climate and providing tools and methodologies to support local authorities

Documents and reports

European Union Climate Adaptation Strategy: sets out a framework and mechanisms for climate adaptation actions in the EU

Addressing the Challenge of Water Scarcity and Drought: EC Communication COM(2007)414, which focuses on the major challenges resulting from water scarcity and drought

Climate Adaptation Strategy for the Danube River Basin: focuses on analysis and proposes possible adaptation measures for water management in the basin

Related projects

BE-NATUR: addresses biodiversity loss by defining common action plans and strategies for protecting the natural heritage and landscape in SEE from the impacts of climate change

C3-Alps: a transnational capitalisation project that builds on the results of earlier projects and initiatives on climate change adaptation in the Alps and seeks to synthesise, transfer and implement best adaptation knowledge in policy and practice

CC-WARE: shares knowledge about the vulnerability of water resources and aims to develop an integrated strategy for water protection and the protection of drinking water supplies

CC-WaterS: identifies and evaluates climate change impacts on the availability and safety of the public drinking water supply, and proposes adaptation measures

DANUBE FLOODRISK: focuses on the most cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction and on developing a scaleable system of flood risk maps for the Danube River floodplains

DMCSEE: focuses on the development and application of drought risk management tools and policies with the goal of improving preparedness and reducing drought impacts

MONITOR II: a transnational project focusing on hazard mapping and contingency planning

SEERISK: a transnational project focusing on disaster management and risk assessment