Environmental Protection Agency of Covasna, Romania

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Covasna is a public authority with county-level responsibility. Professionals from various disciplines, including chemistry, hydrology, forestry, geology, agronomy, physics and civil construction, as well as ecologists, biologists and geographers, work together to implement and enforce national environmental legislation and the EU environmental acquis. One of the EPA’s specific tasks is to record, collect, process and evaluate data on the condition of, and changes to, environmental media (water, air and soil) and to compile the annual state of the environment report. Based on these reports, as well as inputs from other stakeholders, the Covasna Action Plan for the Environment, which was first developed and approved by the county council in 2004, is revised after a comprehensive monitoring process conducted by the EPA. The EPA is also responsible for assessing and approving spatial plans developed at county level.

Ileana Luminiţa Cornea, Project Coordinator
Tel.: (40-267) 323-701
Email: luminita@apmcv.anpm.ro
Address: Sfintu Gheorghe, Bd. Grigore Balan 10, Covasna, 520013 Romania
Web: http://apmcv.anpm.ro