Work packages

The project is divided into seven work packages (WPs):

WP1 Transnational Project and Financial Management

WP2 Communication

WP3 Mapping and Harmonising Data and Downscaling

WP4 Thematic Centre 1 — Forestry and Agriculture

Pilot Study 1: Adapted forest management at LTER Zöbelboden

Pilot Study 2: Climate change adaptation measures in Romanian agriculture

WP5 Thematic Centre 2 — Drought, Water and Coasts

Pilot Study 3: Climate change adaptation in the new water regime in Puglia region, Italy

Pilot Study 4: Effects of climate change on wetland ecosystems in Attica region, Greece

Pilot Study 5: Water resources and hydroelectric use

WP6 Thematic Centre 3 — Urban Adaptation and Health

Pilot Study 6: Vulnerability assessment in Budapest and Veszprém

WP7 Regional Planning Cross-Sectoral Study