Center for Technological Research of Crete, Greece

The research activities of the Center for Technological Research of Crete (CTRC) focus on the study of the Earth’s surface and the investigation of physical processes and phenomena, including:

  • The management, exploration and exploitation of the Earth’s resources; land/soil degradation; and geo-environmental hazards.
  • Spatio-temporal modelling (geo-information systems, software engineering for geo-functions, advanced GIS technology, the visual representation of geospatial data for exploration, analysis and presentation, and geospatial temporal representations).
  • The development of methods, techniques and tools for assessing and monitoring the Earth’s systems and processes; and the provision of Earth and land resource information for planning and decision making on the multi-functional use of space.
  • The technological and methodological aspects of geo-information processing and infrastructure to solve complex application problems and develop technology-oriented concepts for the new geo-information society.


Filippos Vallianatos, Research Team Leader/Senior Researcher at the Natural Resources and Natural Hazards Institute, CTRC
Tel.: (30-2821) 023016
Address: Estavromenos, TEI Campus 0, Heraklion, Crete, 71004 Greece