Attica Region, Greece

According to the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics, Attica Region is a second-level local government organisation (NUTS 2).  It comprises eight regional divisions: Central Athens, Southern Athens, Northern Athens, Western Athens, Piraeus, the Saronic Islands, Western Attica and Eastern Attica.

Under the existing legal framework, regions in Greece are self-governed public legal entities of the second level of local government. Regions plan and implement policies at regional level, within their jurisdiction, according to the principles of sustainable development and the social cohesion of the state, taking into account national and European policies. Attica Region is therefore legally responsible for, among other things:

  • defining the outlines of environmental strategy for the geographical area of Attica;
  • managing metropolitan parks and green areas;
  • planning the management and supervision of the mountain areas of Attica, excluding national parks;
  • coordinating activities for the monitoring and protection of the environment, especially in cases where protected natural resources, polluting activities or proposed solutions are shared by or affect many municipalities; and
  • carrying out environmental inspections, controlling pollution and imposing fines.


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