Stakeholder workshop and study day in Puglia

Nov 11, 2014
The Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC) and Puglia Region Mediterranean Service organised a back-to-back event on November 11 and 12, 2014, in Bari, Italy.

The stakeholder workshop “Analysis of risks related to climate change in order to support planning for the management and protection of the waters and coasts of Puglia” was targeted at local protection agencies, policy makers and institutions. The aim was to present the climate change scenarios for the region produced by the OrientGate project; drought indicators that can be used to communicate scientific results; and a regional risk analysis for coastal areas and agricultural areas under irrigation in the Puglia Region.

Following the workshop, the study day provided an opportunity to demonstrate to local protection agencies, institutions and policy makers various tools and methods for analysing climate change impacts on water resources and coastal areas, and to carry out practical exercises on using hydro-agricultural indicators. The aims, technical features and operational aspects of the DESYCO Decision Support System were also presented.

The ultimate goal of both days was to support institutions involved in the planning and monitoring of the area in relation to the development of adaptation measures. In addition to presentations and training, data related to various climate change issues was gathered from participants via three questionnaires.

Further information can be found in the agenda for the workshop; and the agenda for the study day