Stakeholder meeting on urban adaptation and health, Hungary

Oct 2, 2013
The Regional Environmental Center, together with the Municipality of Veszprém, organised an event for stakeholders at Veszprém City Hall to discuss the OrientGate project, raise awareness of climate change adaptation, and explore issues raised in the course of preparing the pilot study “Vulnerability assessment in Budapest and Veszprém”, which is being developed under the project’s Thematic Centre on Urban Adaptation and Health.

More than 40 representatives of local authorities and civil organisations working in relevant areas such as public health, social care, day care, business, the environment and planning were invited to attend the event. The agenda included discussion of project goals and objectives; the financing of adaptation measures; presentations on climate change modelling, urban planning in the context of climate change adaptation and other projects related to climate change; and presentations on the energy strategy of Veszprém, the city’s vulnerability to climate change impacts, and a case study on the health impacts of heat waves and the level of adaptation in public institutes in Veszprém.

The last session comprised a group discussion about the functional disturbances caused by climate change, health-related climate change adaptation capacities, and the available adaptation opportunities in Veszprém.
The event was an ideal opportunity for the exchange of experiences and lessons learnt between the scientific community, local authorities and civil society. Participants discussed possibilities for reducing the impacts of heat waves in Veszprém and for incorporating the results of analysis in local development plans. Participants gave positive feedback about the event and expressed their thanks for the useful information they had been given on the topic.

The event was reported by local television, and the news segment can be viewed here.